Apr 202013
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the most mysterious and controversial health conditions of our time. More than fifteen years after chronic fatigue syndrome was recognized and named, medical doctors still argue about its origination: Is it caused by a viral infection? Blood pressure abnormalities? Chronic infection? Food allergies? Chemical sensitivities? Some medical doctors wonder . . . Read More »

Apr 082013

Menopause is a transition period that may last from several months up to a few years. Misinformation about this topic instills fear in many women as they enter their forties and begin to think about menopause. A good example of this is Western medicine’s focuses on menopause as a disease that must be treated with . . . Read More »

Apr 052013

Headaches, one of the most frequently occurring disorders, are more prevalent than even the common cold. Most of us, including children and adolescents, have experienced headaches of various kinds and intensities, and most of us will continue to have them more often then necessary. With today’s fast paced society, the vast majority of headaches are . . . Read More »