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caffeineAn excerpt from my new book “Dietary and Lifestyle Choices and their Effects on the Body”. . . “Caffeine is perhaps one of the most notorious tension-inducing chemicals which has the ability to cause stress and anxiety or even worsen preexisting symptoms. Caffeine also creates an acid pH within the body. Too much acid can cause or aggravate inflammation which can lead to pain. This can especially effect those individuals suffering from various types of joint pain.”

So now you ask, “What can a coffee drinker drink to avoid caffeine?”

Well,  the answer would be a reflection of the original reasoning for drinking coffee in the first place. In most cases it seems people either drink coffee as a beverage because they like the smell and taste or they drink it because they need the energy boost they get from the caffeine it contains. 

As for those who drink coffee because they need the caffeine boost, my recommendations would to eliminate all caffeine from their diet and make appropriate dietary changes. Since the body uses complex carbohydrates, both sugars and starches, first and foremost for energy, starting the day with fresh fruits and grains for breakfast and a lunch consisting of starchy vegetables with grains will give an individual a quick and easy source of energy with the least amount of stress on the body. Of course, a person’s lifestyle and daily activities would reflect the actual amount of carbohydrates versus proteins that are necessary during those time periods in reference to their actual daily needs.

Individuals who are social coffee drinkers can change over to a number of products on the market that are herbal. I usually don’t recommend sacrificing or giving up food items you enjoy, but in relation to drinking coffee for social reasons it would be advantageous to put your health first. Decaffeinated products should also be avoided as the decaffeination process used creates toxins that will be absorbed into your body.

Also, never mix drinking coffee and iron supplements as the tannins from the caffeine will not only prevent your body from absorbing the iron but is will also cause constipation which is something you want to avoid for many reasons.

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