Mar 172013

Emotional Support System…

herbs-1In our fast pace world, stress and stress-related problems are growing concerns to many of us. However, stress in and of itself, is not the real problem. The real problem is in how we handle our stress.

Originally discovered in the early 1930’s, these 38 wildflower remedies have been used worldwide for over seventy years with great success in relieving stress-related emotional difficulties.


Bach Flower Remedies can be used to deal with a wide range of personal difficulties that include, but are not limited to, fear and anxiety; uncertainty and decisiveness; envy and jealousy; and impatience and irritability.

The remedies can also be used to address stress associated with everyday problems: financial difficulties, relationship problems, day-to-day worries, periods of transition, and job-related tensions. Additionally, they have proven to be a “helping hand” in dealing with stress-related problems such as: hyperactivity in children, dieting and eating problems, learning difficulties, sleeping problems, and the trauma of divorce and separation.

What To Look For…

The remedies are known to have a unique and personal effect on each person taking them. Therefore, it cannot be anticipated how a particular remedy will make us feel or how long it will need to be taken. In general, most people can resolve difficulties within 1 to 12 weeks, but some can take longer. Change, however, can be noticed within 1 to 3 weeks. Once difficulties have been resolved, the use of the remedy or remedies can be discontinued.

Retrospective Effect

Unlike many chemical drugs, the remedies have a subtle effect, gently resolving underlying emotional stress by assisting in triggering the body’s internal healing processes. As resolution of these difficulties takes place below our conscious awareness, we may not always be in touch with it when positive changes take place. But in examining prior difficulties in retrospect, one is able to determine where attitudes have changed or resolved themselves.

Non-Habit Forming

Bach Flower Remedies can be said to have a self-diminishing effect. They function to restore balance to the system and act to catalyze internal healing processes. As the system moves closer to restoring emotional stability, a person will need to take less of the remedy until balance is achieved, at which time the remedy is no longer needed nor effective.

Peeling Effects

One of the most common experiences with the remedies is called the peeling effect. As emotional difficulties are resolved, underlying emotions may surface, indicating a need for additional remedies to be taken. Though difficult for some, this phenomenon is integral to the process of emotional growth.

Who Can Benefit…

Bach Flower Remedies can be used with children, teens, adults, and seniors alike.

Parents report that the remedies are highly effective when used for temper tantrums, fussiness, sibling rivalries, and shyness in children. Many parents also rely on the remedies to get both parents and teens through the difficult teenage years. Teens respond well to the remedies, which can be used to assist in developing coping mechanisms during personal crises.

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